Över 300 byggföretag har redan valt Microsoft Dynamics NAV och 4PS Construct. Alla deras processer har stöd i denna integrerade affärssystemlösning. Nedan hittar du några av våra 4PS-kunder inom bygg. 


"We look back on a successful implementation. 4PS Construct give hands and feet to our 'OPEN' business philosophy. Our administration department is much more efficient since we work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4PS Construct. Only here we've already saved one FTE!" Läs mer »


Bouwgroep Moonen's offices in 's Hertogenbosch, Breda and Amsterdam and is active all over the Netherlands in the fields of construction, renovation, revitalization and service oriented maintenance. The organization practises integrally building, related their new, exciting 'OPEN' concept that bet on transparency, creating value and eliminieren wastage.The customer will gain insight into all aspects of the construction process. Bouwgroep Moonen has approximately 150 employees.


Visit the website of Bouwgroep Moonen >>


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Carlo van de Ven - Project Administrator
"4PS Construct helps us to ensure that we are a leading medium-sized company. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a platform that is constantly evolving and responding to the latest trends in technology. 4PS provides the functionality. For us it's crucial to be distinctive and to stay distinctive!" Läs mer »


Huybregts Relou BV is, with nearly 110 employees and a turnover of approximately 60 million euros, one of the medium-sized construction companies in southern Netherlands. The family business has its origins in 1873 and has grown into a professional builder with extensive knowledge and experience of a large number and variety of buildings. With the wide range of services is Huybregts Relou a professional partner with construction activities in many building projects.


Visit the website of Huybregts Relou >>


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Tonny Nijs - ICT manager
"As a service and project related business, we have a great need for efficient and actual insight into our service and project work. With 4PS we are able to realize a real-time insight in our project status. This gaves ut the opportunity to grow further with our current employees!"   Läs mer »


Kimmenade offers businesses, governments and property owners a guaranteed and long-term solution for 100% waterproof sealing of buildings and concrete structures. Innovative by expertise and research in-house. Flexible and versatile in capabilities through successful partnerships.


To the website of Kimmenade >>


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Leon Driessen - Financial Director
"With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4PS Construct, we have a stable base for ERP software. Together with the architectural knowledge of 4PS, we have a complete solution for our business. Due to 4PS Construct, we can do much more work with the same staff!" Läs mer »


Trebbe is a service builder. From project development to delivery and long-term maintenance. From new construction to renovation in housing and commercial construction. We work to results that meet the expectations of our customers.


The strength and experience we use more than a cenury architectural history as a foundation for a future where people, materials and their environment are balanced. We are constantly looking at the world around us and adapt our approach accordingly. We call this building with perspective!


Read more about Trebbe.


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Marcel Berghuis - ICT Manager
"By implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV with 4PS Construct we become an organization that can navigate fast results. 'What are our successes and where is required further optimization?' By sizing data we've achieved significant time-saving." Läs mer »


Aalberts think, builds and maintains. The focus of Aalberts Building is living, working and comfort. But also on cost control, energy conservation and sustainability. By connecting partners together, projects are feasible and unburdening is central.


Visit the website of Aalberts Bouw >>


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Jakob Jan Aalberts - Proces- and Informationmanager


Mer än 300 tekniska installationsföretag har redan valt Microsoft Dynamics NAV och 4PS Construct. Alla deras processer får stöd med den här integrerade affärssystemlösningen. Nedan hittar du några av våra 4PS-kunder inom installationsbranschen. 


"In 1.5 year Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 4PS Construct, we realized a 10% saving on overhead expenses. Our document management is now over 95% digital and we save much time in searching for required project information." Läs mer »


DIGIT Electrotechniek is spcialized in installing and maintaining electrical engineering and automation for industrial processes. 20 concurrent users work with the software Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4PS Construct for installers.


More information about DIGIT Elektrotechniek >>


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Martijn Dekker - Director
"With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4PS Construct we annually save at our administration department already with 2 FTE! The process is so efficient that it safes a lot of work and time."   Läs mer »


Loohuis is divided into two branches: on the one hand they are specialized in everything that has to do with communication, such as telephony via phone or the cloud. On the other hand installs, maintains and certifies Loohuis systems in the areas of intrusion, CCTV, access control and fire protection.


Visit the website of Loohuis >>


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Henry Loohuis - Managing Director
"At De Bont Electronics we see that we can make the difference with modern software. We believe in the power of Microsoft and 4PS. Rightfully, because thanks to our software solutions, we are able to serve our customers perfectly." Läs mer »


De Bont Electrical Engineering is an integrated provider of electrical engineering, operating in the field of housing construction, renovation, home automation, utility and sustainable solutions. In 2000 they started with a clear goal: leveraging their expertise and technology to provide customers the best possible service in the electrical engineering. Team Bont now consist of more than 20 skilled and highly motivated employees.


Visit the website of Bont Electrical Engineering >>


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Alwin de Bont - Director
"Margins are under pressure. We can make the difference in Estimating, Planning and making less mistakes. The 4PS Applications support us in doing our job in a right way. This gained us much advantage." Läs mer »


Batenburg Engineering works as a technical service provider with 850 specialists on solutions for clients. The design, supply and maintenance of building systems is fits them perfectly.


More about Batenburg.


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Robert Heerkes - Program Manager ERP


Mer än 300 företag inom infrastruktur har redan valt Microsoft Dynamics NAV och 4PS Construct. Alla deras processer får stöd med den här integrerade affärssystemlösningen för ingenjörer och infrastruktur. Nedan hittar du några av dem. 


"The reliability and timeliness of the information in 4PS Construct has helped us through the crisis! Since 2003, we work with the application and today we agree for 100% this choice. 4PS Construct is solid, is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products. " Läs mer »


Vlasman is specialized in Demolition and Asbestos. She is a major player in the Dutch construction and demolition world. Furthermore Vlasman has been market leader in the so-called head-hunting and also for concrete drilling and sawing can be obtained from Vlasman. With advanced equipment, more than 80 permanent employees in the Netherlands and 30 in Germany (Vlasman GmbH), within its disciplines Vlasman delivers a total package.


More about Vlasman >>


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Tijs de Lint - Financial Controller
"Due to the 'tools' of 4PS and Microsoft, we are able to process data in an efficient and user-friendly way. Therefore, we report important management information significantly faster which makes a positive contribution to the management of our projects and organization." Läs mer »


Ooms Civiel is an innovative infrastructure provider with nearly 350 enthusiastic professionals. The company has four subsidiaries: Ooms Construction, Ooms products, Ooms PMB and Unihorn. Since January 2012 Ooms Civiel makes part of Strukton Civil. By joining forces and activities is Ooms Civiel able to answer complex questions from clients.


More about Ooms Civiel >>


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Stefan Verkade - Controller
"We were looking for more unity. There, 4PS and Microsoft Dynamics NAV have helped us. 4PS Construct is next to a good and user-friendly application, also a good application for change management" Läs mer »


A.Hak is a family business that offers total solutions for the transport and distribution of oil, gas, water and electricity, data and telecommunications traffic, lighting and renewable energy. The companies at home and abroad engaged in engineering, construction, commissioning, management, inspection, maintenance and decommissioning of underground and aboveground piping and cable networks. Other activities include all types of drilling, dewatering and coating of pipes, as well as providing complete systems for thermal energy storage. A.Hakpark produces so themselves equipment, devices, masts and portals. The group that in the area of large pipes (up to 2m ø) among the top one, has 3000 employees including 2250 permanent employees and has offices around the world. Daughter A.Hak Infranet does the 'smaller diameters' and cabling, especially for the Dutch network and utilities.


Read more about A.Hak >>


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Catrinus van der Leest - ICT Manager

Service och underhållsföretag

Mer än 300 service och underhållsföretag har redan valt Microsoft Dynamics NAV och 4PS Construct. Alla deras processer får stöd med den här integrerade affärssystemlösningen. Nedan hittar du några av våra 4PS-kunder inom service och underhåll. 

"With 4PS Construct is our maintenance department OnderhoudPlus able to relieve our customers completely. They can put their service calls via a Portal or App in the 4PS System and we are able to plan the nearest service engineer with the right skills directly to the job!" Läs mer »


Janssen de Jong develops housing projects in the inner city environment. From small developments to comprehensive restructuring. They are also active in the field of social property, including schools, multifunctional accommodation and healthcare.


With an enthusiastic team, spread across four offices, they work daily on the implementation of new projects.


Visit the website of Janssen de Jong >>


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Geert Martens - General Director


Mer än 300 företag inom maskinuthyrning har redan valt Microsoft Dynamics NAV och 4PS Construct. Alla deras processer får stöd med den här integrerade affärssystemlösningen. Nedan hittar du några av våra 4PS-kunder inom maskinuthyrning. 

"Having Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 4PS as partner, makes us ready for the future. It is a solid foundation on which new developments, which are expected to emerge faster, easy can implement. 4PS is our partner who can translate these new developments in an appropriate way to functionality."     Läs mer »


Dura Vermeer Equipment Service is the central equipment department of Dura Vermeer Group NV. It focuses on maintenance, rental and sale of equipment. They are also specialized in site design and formwork. Dura Vermeer Equipment Service is fully integrated with the software of 4PS for equipment companies.


Visit the website of Dura Vermeer >>



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Johan Krouwel - Controller
"In five weeks we were live with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4PS Construct! An unprecedented rapid implementation that was due to our organizational structure and the pretty standard functionality in the 4PS Equipment Module."   Läs mer »


Scaffolding Van der Panne, based in Rotterdam, is a service provider specialized in scaffolding. Van der Panne care with 300 certified employees all-inn scaffolding construction projects for clients in the offshore (40%), industry (40%) and construction (20%). Van der Panne dare to look beyond standard solutions and think creatively and innovatively throughout the entire process. No challenge is to big for them under the motto 'safe, reliable, flexible and tailored'.


Visit the website of Van der Panne >>


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Dick Koster - Managing Director
"With 10 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 4PS Construct we can confirm that we are dealing with stable software and an organization that continuous improves their products. Savings are legion because all processes in software are fully integrated." Läs mer »


Ballast Nedam Equipment makes its expertise, products and services available to the Ballast Nedam operating companies and third parties and provides the technical building equipment company the following products and services:

  • Setting up construction sites (temporary gas, water and electrical systems and building accommodations)
  • Constructing and renting formwork and scaffolding
  • Hiring of mechanical equipment, including cranes, elevators, excavators and compactors.
  • Performing maintenance and management of equipment for third parties
  • Management and leasing of the fleet BN-wide


More about Ballast Nedam Materieelverhuur.


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Jeffrey Hoffman - Director